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G3<<陈老师课堂>> Unit 8 Learning Foreign Language ( 29 )

(Warming up, Listening, Speaking)

Practise talking about attitudes and motivation

Memorise new words. 熟记生词;memorize vt. = learn … by heart 记忆;记住;熟记;memory n. 记忆;记忆力;e.g. Please memorise all the new words in the text. 请记住课文里的所有的单词。In my memories of childhood, I had once been there with my grandpa. 在我的儿时记忆中,有一次我曾经和爷爷一块儿去过那儿。The matter sticks in my memory. 那件事情清楚地留在我的记忆中。He has a good memory. 他的记忆力非常好。

Ask the teacher to make corrections 请求老师批改;make corrections 作出更正;under correction 有待改正;e.g. The correction of compositions takes a large part of the teacher’s time. 作文的批改花费了老师大量的时间。These papers are in need of correction. 这些作业需要订正。The teacher made some corrections in red ink in my paper. 老师用红笔修改了我的论文。

This is a call-in show. 这是电话讨论节目。call-in 打进来的;call in 叫来;拜访;收回;e.g. I formed the habit of calling in on him in the evening. 我养成了晚上去看望他的习惯。Your father is very ill; you should call in a doctor at once. 你父亲病得很严重,你应立即去请医生。The librarian has called in all the books. 图书管理员收回了所有的图书。

Reading in English, I always get stuck when I come across a new word. 在读英语材料时,我老被所遇到的生词卡住。stick n. 棍棒;手杖;枝条;小树枝;vt. 贴; 粘;固定在;卡住;陷在……里;e.g. The old man supported himself with a walking stick. 那位老人走路靠手杖。Dangerous! Don’t stick your head out of the train window. 危险!不要把头伸出火车窗外。The car was stuck in the mud. 汽车陷在淤泥里了。The doctor asked him to stick out his tongue. 医生让他伸出舌头。A nail stuck in the tyre of his bike. 他的车胎上扎了一根钉子。One should stick to his post. 一个人应当坚守自己的岗位。He stuck five stamps on that envelop. 他在那个信封上帖了五张邮票。Marie has made her decision, and she is determined to stick it. 玛丽娅已经做出决定并且决心坚持下去。**** stick out 坚持到底;伸出;突出;stick to 坚持真理;stick at 努力干;

( Pre-reading, Reading and Post-reading )

Effective learning skills. 有效的学习技巧。effective adj. 有效的;有力的;

G3<<陈老师课堂>> Unit 8 Learning Foreign Language ( 30 )

给人印象深刻的;take effective measures 采取有效的措施;an effective speech 打动听众的演讲;effective forces 有战斗力的军队;e.g. After the government had taken some effective measures, prices began to level off. 在政府采取了一些有效的措施后,市场的物价开始稳定下来了。The medicine is an effective cure for your toothache. 这种新药治疗牙疼很有效果。**** effect n. 结果;效果;效应;e.g. cause and effect 因果;come into effect = take effect 生效;have an effect on… 对…有影响;be of no effect 无效;**** effect vt. 产生;实现;e.g. I will effect my purpose. 我一定要达到目的。It will effect a change in temperature. 它将引起温度方面的变化。

Learning a language is obviously more than just memorizing words, phrases and structures. 学习语言显然不仅是记忆单词,词汇或句型。more than 不仅是;e.g. He is a helpful friend more than a good teacher. 他不仅是良师更是益友。

Instead we learnt or acquired our mother tongue by communicating with the people around us. 通过与周围的人交流我们学会了我们的母语。acquire vt. 学到(知识);获得;e.g. My sister acquired German when she was in Germany. 我妹妹在德国时学会了德语。That boy acquired the bad habit of smoking when he was in primary school. 那个男孩上小学时就染上了抽烟的坏习惯。The farmers acquired their land after liberation. 解放后,农民们获得了土地。It’s sometimes possible for a student to master English grammar and acquire a large vocabulary, even without the hope of a teacher. 即使没有老师的帮助,学生也有可能掌握英语语法和大量的词汇。

…, how were we able to make sense of what we heard and distinguish the mistakes and errors from “good” language? …… 我们小时候是如何理解所听到的语言,并且学会了将错误与好的语言区分开来的呢?make sense of 弄懂的意思;理解;e.g. Can you make sense of this article? 你能弄懂这篇文章的意思吗?He doesn’t make sense of this sign. 他不懂得这个符号的意义。The sentence doesn’t make any sense. 这个句子完全讲不通。**** make sense 讲得通;有意义;in no sense 决不;in all sense 在任何意义上来说;in a sense 在某种意义上来说;come to one’s sense 清醒过来;

Regardless of their theories, these language experts do agree that life is a very successful language school. 尽管众说纷纭,这些语言专家们都承认生活是一所成功的语言学校。regardless of 不管;不顾;不拘;regardless adj. 不重视;不注意;无论如何;e.g. regardless of the consequences 不顾后果;But she did not give it up regardless. 但是无论如何她还是不死心。They decorated the house regardless of cost. 他们不惜工本装修这栋房子。He says what he thinks, regardless of others’ feelings. 他想到什么就说什么,毫不考虑别人的感受。

G3<<陈老师课堂>> Unit 8 Learning Foreign Language ( 31 )

So that is an awful lot of hours. 所以那是很长很长的时间。awful adj. 极大的;可怕的;极讨厌的;e.g. an awful scene 极可怕的景象;That person has awful manners. 那个人非常地不懂礼貌。The weather was awful this summer. 今年夏天的天气热得吓人。Our head-teacher Mr. King has got an awful cold. 我们的班主任金老师得了重感冒。 本文文档版下载:http://www.k12zy.com/49/93/499361.htm



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