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25、in the country    在乡村

in town    在城镇

26、a quarter past ten=ten fifteen 十点一刻

a quarter to ten/nine fortyfive 九点四十五分

27、be friendly with sb.   与某人友好

be friendly to sb.    对某人友好

28、be good/bad for sb. /sth.对……有好处/坏处

29、I think so/I don't think so.


I hope so/I hope not.


I'm afraid so/I'm afraid not.


30、say “hello”to sb.   向某人问好

say“goodbye"to sb.  向某人告别

31、 need sth. /sb.   需要某物/某人

need to do sth.  需要做某事

need sb. to do sth.   需要某人做某事

needn't do sth.=don't need to do sth.不必做某事

32、had better do sth.=It‘s best for sb. to do sth.最好做……

had better not do sth.  最好不做……

33、love to do =love doing  喜爱做……

34、in front of      在……前面

in the front of    在……前部

35、try to do     设法做,尽力做

try doing     试做

36、reach=get to=arrive in/at...

37、the city of Beijing  北京市

the photo of sb.  某人的照片

the map of China   中国地图

38、on the fifteenth floor   在第十五层

fifteen storeys   十五层

39、after work/school/graduation/class

40、do sports 锻炼 =have sports =take sports =take exercise

41、a place called... 一个名叫……地方 =a place with the name of...

42、on the basketball team  篮球队队员

in the school band   校乐队队员

43、ring  带来,拿来(从远到近)

take  拿走,带走(从近到远)

44、be busy doing

be busy with  忙于做某事

45、be away from  离开(表状态)

leave   离开(表动作,短暂性动词)

leave for   出发去=go to

46、enjoy oneself=have a good time玩得开心,过得愉快

enjoy doing sth.  喜欢做某事

enjoy sth.   喜欢某物,从……中得到乐趣

47、ring/call sb.=give sb.a ring/call  给某人打电话

48、at the same time  同时

at this time of...在……这个时节/候

at that time/moment  在那时

at a bad time of...在……不好的时节/候

49、no reply=no answer  没有应答

answer sth.=reply to sth.  回答某事

50、by the way  顺便说/问一下

in this way  用这种方法

51、Would like to do sth.

want to do sth.

52、have some water 喝点水

have breakfast /lunch /supper/dinner

53、start doing=start to do  开始做

54、finish doing sth.做完某事

55、remember to do  记住做 

forget to do 忘记要做

remember doing 记得做了

forget doing 忘记做了

56、watch sb.do sth. 看见某人做了某事

watch sb.doing sth. 看着某人在做某事


57、like to do 喜欢做

  like doing 喜爱做

58、one of...……之一

each of...……中每一个

neither of两者中一个也不

none of...三者、三者以上之中一个也不

59、pay a visit to a friend=visit a friend访友

go on a visit to=visit...游玩……

60、in the end 最后=at last

at the end of  在……结束或末端

at the beginning of  在……开始时

61、How do you like...  你认为…怎么样? =What do you think of...?



如:in 2008,in May,in the summer of...

b.星期几、具体日期、具体某天前用on,如:on Sunday,

on July 1st,on the night of December 25th.

c.具体某一时刻前用at,如:at night,at this time of...


in the morning/afternoon/evening,

at noon/midday/night/midnight,

但某天的某段时间用on。如:On Sunday morning

63、get warmer   变暖和

become/turn green  变绿

64、be good/bad for   对……有好处/有坏处

be good/kind to sb. 对……友好

65、be different from... 与……不一样

be the same as...  与……一样

66、all the year around

all through the year  终年

the whole year

67、go on doing sth.  继续做某事

go on to do sth.  接着做某事

go on with sth.  继续做某事



如:How heavy the box is!

How strongly the wind is blowing!


如:What a clever girl she is!

What beautiful flowers they are!

What hard work it is!

69、at times=sometimes  有时

70、to the east of China在中国的东方(不属于中国)

in the east of China在中国的东方(属于中国)

on the east of China与中国东方相邻(不属于中国)


The radio says the cloud will lift quickly.

The notice says there will be a football match next Sunday.



Your sister went to the park,didn't she?

Lucy and Lily are from the USA,aren't they?


The story isn't interesting,is it?

You have never been abroad,have you?


A:He isn't five years old,is he?

B: No,he isn't.He was born three years ago.


a.接从句,如:I hope you can come. 本文文档版下载:http://www.k12zy.com/39/72/397278.htm

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