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Unit 14 动物类谚语和习语


Barking dogs do not bite.吠犬不咬人

The best fish swim near bottom.好鱼居深渊

To kill two birds with one stone.一石二鸟 ; 一箭双雕;一举两得

To ride the tiger.骑虎难下

To shed crocodile tears.掉鳄鱼眼泪


Dog doesn't eat dog.虎毒不食子 (本是同根生,相煎何太急?)

If the shepherds quarrel,the wolf has a winning game.鹬蚌相争,渔翁得利

Love me, love my dog.爱屋及乌

A lion in the way.拦路虎

A rat in a hole.瓮中之鳖

As wet as a drowned rat.湿如落汤鸡

Like a cat on hot bricks.像热锅上的蚂蚁

When the cat is away, the mice will play.山中无老虎,猴子称大王

To lock the stable door after the horse is stolen.亡羊补牢


Better a living dog than a dead lion.好死不如赖活着

Birds of a feather flock together.物以类聚,人以群分

It's an ill bird that fouls its own nest.家丑不可外扬

To beard the lion in his den.太岁头上动土

The best fish smell when they are three days old.久住招人嫌

Fish begins to stink at the head.上梁不正下梁歪

Fight dog, fight bear.不获全胜不收兵

The cat shuts its eyes when stealing cream.猫偷吃奶油时总是闭着眼;掩耳盗铃 ,自欺欺人

The leopard can't change its sports.本性难移

May as well be hanged for a sheep as a lamb.偷大羊或偷小羊反正都得挨绞刑;一不做二不休

To put the cart before the horse.本末倒置

He who has a mind to beat his dog will easily find a stick.欲加之罪,何患无辞

Never offer to teach fish to swim.切莫班门弄斧

To help a lame dog over a stile.雪中送炭


A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.双鸟在林,不如一鸟在手

One swallow doesn't make a summer.一燕不成夏

Never swap horse while crossing the stream.渡到河中别换马

Don't count your chickens before they are hatched.蛋未孵出莫数鸡;不要过早打如意算盘 

More idioms:

All cats are grey in the dark. (=At night all cats are grey; when candles are out, all cats are grey.) [谚]猫在暗中都是灰色;黑暗中难分丑妍(有时鱼目还真难分辨)

Let sleeping dogs lie(谚)勿惹睡狗;勿惹事生非

It rains cats and dogs. 下倾盆大雨,大雨滂沱

let the cat out of the bag 说走了嘴, (无意中)泄露秘密

Go to the sea, if you would fish well. 不入虎穴,焉得虎子.

There's as good fish in the sea as ever came out of it. 海里的好鱼多的是.(强中更有强中手.)

It is a silly fish that is caught twice with the same bait. 笨鱼才会咬两次钩.(智者不上两次当.)

A wolf in sheep’s clothing披着狼皮的羊

A cat has nine lives. 猫有九命.(吉人自有天相.)

Cats hide their claws. 猫总是藏起自己的爪子.(知人知面不知心.)

Who will bell the cat? 谁去给猫系铃铛?(谁愿为大家冒风险?)

Give a dog a bad [an ill] name(and hang him).一旦给人加一个坏名声,他就永远洗刷不掉;人言可畏。

Every dog has his day. 人人皆有得意时.

All are not thieves that dogs bark at. 狗见了叫的不一定都是贼.(不要以貌取人.)

Don't be a dog lying in the manger.莫学狗占马槽不吃草.(不要占着茅坑不拉屎.)

A son never thinks his mother ugly, and a dog never shuns its owner's home however shabby it is. 儿不嫌母丑,狗不嫌家贫.

separate the sheep from the goats区别好人和坏人 

sheep and goats善人与恶人(来自《圣经》)

There is a black sheep in every flock.[谚]到处都有害群之马。

as poor as a church mouse 一贫如洗

I'm so hungry that I can eat a horse. 饥肠辘辘

Go home and kick the dog. 回家生闷气。

Fine feathers make fine birds. 人靠衣装,佛靠金装

You can't make a crab walk straight. 江山易改,本性难移

The early bird catches the worm. 捷足先登;笨鸟先飞

All the geese are swans. 言过其实


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